Květen 2009

Just a short poem

21. května 2009 v 9:53 | Scarthia Buthergia |  Jednorázovky
jen taková blbost, co jsem napsala asi před třemi lety... Neni to upravený, takže kvalita nevalná :-)

Hi boy, what do you want?
- You want to talk
Right now and here? Great...
But you know what want
I was looking for a friend
- You knew it
I was looking for a place to be
- You heard about it
I was looking for love
- You couldn't give it to me
So what the hell are you ding here
if you can't help me?
Just go away
leave me the fuck alone
and for christ' sake
Shut Up!

I don't need a nerd like you

Scarthia Buthergia