Únor 2011

The day is flying high

8. února 2011 v 18:13 | Scarthia Buthergia |  Poems
Just playing with rhymes :D 

The day is flying high
Rope is in your mouth
Running river, a front yard
Darkening clouds all above

The day is dying fast
The witches spell is cast
Along the bewitched shore
The end of a toiling war

Where is broken promise kept
We must pay the deadly debt
Otherwise we shall all burn
And never get another turn

Turn of yellow, turn of right
Feel the freedom out tonight
Tonight the last of day may come
But we must live or stay undone

Do it now or let it be
Steady on and you'll see
Share delight at their success
But never wear my battle dress

The end of poem is reaching out
You won't know what it was about
Stand your ground and don't you leave
Or meet me on the Christmas Eve