Květen 2011

Last sleep

6. května 2011 v 20:31 | Scarthia Buthergia |  Poems
Found this poem at the most unexpected place... But I like it:

'You're pretty in the dark' is all I can muster
as I watch you sleeping peacefully
and the light of day creeps in
to break our silence

I can't sleep again
my head hurts from all the circles
I've been running
in my dreams

my eyes water as my head throbs
with the weight of this lovestruck hangover
often too much to bear

the wishing wanting waiting worried
that I may miss you more than most
is what weighs heaviest on my
burdened soul

sighing, in the breathless air
just to feel you breathe again,
your wind on my cheek
and breeze in my hair

longing to be wrapped within the strength of your arms
whisper in your ear
as you hold me tight enough to let me fall asleep

what I really miss

by Candace Nirvana